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We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Art

This is not just a series of paintings, but a monument to infinity ∞

This is not just a beautiful portrait but a key to a performance that will last for the rest of the artworks life.

Holding Emily will grant you exclusive access to the community Syndicate that decides on treasury expenditures 




Unlike traditional art that degrades with time, Emily will keep her beauty.

To ensure her immortality, all the metadata will be uploaded to the permaweb using Arweave protocol

Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 01.26.55.png


No Emily will ever be the same, carefully designed elements are randomly merged together by our art engine to create a one of a kind artwork


Once a month, a portion of the second-market royalties will be used to perform market buy backs and a subsequent burn of the acquired artworks. 

Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 01.31_edited.jpg

Emily In Numbers









Why Emily?

Holding Emily will give you private access to the ecosystem of products & a community Syndicate that decides on treasury expenditures 

Community DAO

What is this?

DAOs are basically shared bank accounts on the blockchain with tools meant to facilitate group decision-making. 

Road Map

Get Whitelisted


Road Map

Phase 1


Following the reveal of the public drop, a community Syndicate will be established and 50% of the initial revenue will be split between the DAO and our Incubation wing.

Phase 2


V1 of the Framing Marketplace is released to the public. Emily holders are able to curate the Genesis/Public Gallery experience by exhibiting their favorite NFT’s.

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  • How do I get myself an Emily?
    Participate in the raffle on our website to get whitelisted for the minting event. Keep an eye on our twitter, instagram and a discord server, we will also be giving out some spots to the community over there!
  • When is the minting event?
    Starting from 2023 we will be opening the mint for 24 hours every 14 days. Whitelisted members will be able to join the Syndicate during that short window of opportunity. OG members have already minted their Emily on the 24th of December. (30 NFT's) Wave 2 was completely Sold Out on the 14th January. (20 NFT's) Wave 3 Sold Out on the 28th of January. (50 NFT's) Wave 4 Sold Out on the 14th of February (100 NFT's) Wave 5 Sold Out on the 28th of February (75 NFT's) Wave is 6 is scheduled for 28th of March (100 NFT's) More details are to be announced on our official social media channels. Make sure you protect yourself and the community from fake collections and scammers.
  • What can I do with my Emily NFT?
    Not only will Emily holders receive an exclusive Syndicate membership pass but will also unlock private access to the ecosystem of products from Peppermint Labs starting with a framing marketplace! Emily holders will be able to curate the Genesis Gallery experience by exhibiting their NFT’s.
  • How much is Emily NFT?
    To ensure we don't run into a problem of oversupply, the token release will be split into 3 stages. The official sale period will start with a Genesis drop of 100 pieces at a fixed price of 0.075 ETH. Presale aka The Inner Circle of 999 artworks and the Public Drop stage will inherit a fluid pricing model influenced by the floor price. We will release a detailed overview after the Genesis period comes to an end.
  • What about secondary market royalties?
    To accommodate the growth of the community treasury and foster an active secondary market we have decided to impose a fair 5% royalty fee. The total amount will be split between the community treasury, the team and the burn mechanic.
  • How will the Syndicate opperate?
    Upon formation, 50% of the initial sales revenue will be split between the Syndicate and the Incubation wing. All Emily NFT holders will govern this treasury and decide on its expenditures utilising Syndicates voting mechanism. In perpetuity 60% of all the secondary market royalties will be split between the community treasury and the burn mechanism allowing it to survive the test of time.
  • I don't see my DAO pass.
    Since blockchain never lies, a full proof strategy to check your pass is to head to PolygonScan and see if your wallet holds the NFT. Open Sea does not show the DAO collection but you should also be able to see it on any other marketplace of your choice. We recommend heading to Rarible. If you think you should have gotten your Emily DAO Pass but didnt, pls create a support ticket on our Discord. We airdrop the passes once a week.
  • Official Links?
    Make sure to always triple check the links you click on. There are already countless copycats out there... DAO Dashboard - DAO Collection - Who is Emily NFT OS Collection Link - Our Smart Contract - 0xbe216d8511d6ec707bc6ab24d814f63c68e4e83a Our discord lounge - And our upcoming drop -
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