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Updated: Jun 15, 2023

New Collection

We've got some fantastic news that's sure to brighten your day! We've been brewing up something truly special for our incredible community, and the time has finally come to lift the curtain. We're beyond excited to announce our upcoming BRC721 collection - a meticulously designed array of 555 unique artworks.

Drop Mechanics

In case you missed out on our previous blog post we are charting new territories by diving into Ordinals using the newly created BRC721 standard - think of it as the Bitcoin's cousin of Ethereum's famed ERC721 that our current ''Who is Emily?'' Collection is utilising.

Each piece of our new collection is tokenized as a unique BRC721 token, giving it an unbreakable seal of authenticity, provenance, and ownership. Hosting our images on Arweave secures the data for 200+ years and allows us to provide you with Museum grade quality art in high resolution. But what does this mean for you? Well, you're not just buying an image, you're owning a verifiable, unique piece of digital art, secured on the most robust blockchain network out there - Bitcoin!

Perks for Our Loyal Holders

Now, we've always believed in treating our loyal community right. So, as a big thank you for your unwavering support, we're setting up an exclusive claim period for all of our current $EMILY on ETH holders. During this limited window, you'll be able to get your hands on these artworks for free! That's right - zero, zilch, nada.

Here is How We Gonna Do it On the 30th of June we will host the 6th wave of ''Who is Emily?'' mints to welcome new members in to the family. As always the drop will be open for 24 hours but this time the quantity will be capped at 555 NFT's to make sure everyone can get a BRC721 gift. P.S. 204 NFT's have already been minted which leaves us with 351 artworks up for grabs. After the official reveal (1st of July), we will open a claim window for Emily holders to submit their Ordinal Wallets. We'll be sharing the specifics of this claim window very soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Deadline for submission will be the 6th of July.

Public Sale!

On the 8th Of July After our valued holders have had their fair shot, we're opening up the floor to everyone else. Remaining artworks will be up for grabs at $X a pop. The final price will be revealed On the 30th of June. This is a golden chance for art aficionados and crypto enthusiasts alike to add a unique piece of digital art to their collection. And remember, each artwork is a one-off. There are no duplicates here!

Recap - June 30th - Wave 6 of Who is Emily - 0.075 ETH July 1st - Reveal + Holders Snapshot/Ordinal Wallet Submission. July 6th - Deadline for Ordinal Wallet Submission July 7th - BRC721 mint for $EMILY Holders (Free) July 8th - BRC721 Whitelist + Public Sale (Price TBA)

Closing Remarks

We are very excited to see where this journey takes us and have worked hard to ensure our sale process is as fair and transparent as possible. After all, we're all about keeping the playing field level. If there is any suggestions or ideas you would like to share - Join our Discord If you are not whitelisted yet, you can register here - As always, make sure to verify all the links before you click anything. There are already copycats out there. Take care and stay safe.

From Emily With love ❤️


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