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Time to get rewarded for your actions ❤️

How we got here? Many of you have already reposted our content in the past or even made your own unique posts about our project, and for that, we are truly thankful! This time we have found a way to reward you for your efforts! Right before the deployment of our smart contract, we were lucky enough to stumble upon a new solution in the market that allows projects and creators to reward their communities for their support. We are talking about Promos a referral tool built by a talented team at GOMINT . So what is all of this about? A small but powerful code snippet was injected into our smart contract, granting us the ability to run referral campaigns with our community and the network of promoters. What's even cooler is that our community/promoter royalties are now enforced on-chain at the time of the sale.

How does it work?

1) Sign up using our unique link -

2) Once you have connected your wallet a unique link will be generated for you.

3) Share your link and get rewarded 5% of every sale directly to your crypto wallet.

Conclusion Web3 tooling is evolving at an incredible pace and we try to march right beside it. We will continue delivering the top in-line solutions for our community and for the crypto space as a whole. Want to join our ranks - Click This Want to join the referral campaign - Click This Be willing to share your blessings. The only riches that last are the ones that are given away. – David Khalil


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