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How to mint an Emily?

A little tutorial on how to use our minter ❤️

Step 0) Take a deep breath

1) Make sure you are on the right website and are interacting with the right contract. (There are already copycats out there)


2) Switch to ETH Main net and connect your wallet

Our minter is compatible with the majority of available wallets on the market.

3) Click the mint button and confirm the following transaction.

We have set the gas limit to 300000 for the contract to successfully mint your NFT. Since we are using a gas-optimised ERC721A implementation in our contract, mint transactions should not exceed 130-150k gas ($2-$4). However we still recommend that you do not lower the gas limit in case of a congested network.

4) Wait for the transaction to complete, do not reload the page.

Upon confirmation, you should be greeted with this welcome message.

4) Framing

We are finalizing the framing marketplace, for the public drop. Genesis holders will be given beta access to test out the new features. Stay tuned for more info.

5) After mint, you can find your Emily on OpenSea:


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