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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

We set out to create a fully integrated environment for launching, minting, exhibiting, auctioning and selling non-fungible assets. The digital revolution is marching with incredible speed and we plan to walk right beside it.

The task of our team is to establish an ecosystem of related business activities that complement each other and bring value back to the $EMILY token holders, EMILYDAO and the Syndicate.

On top of the governance rights, $EMILY NFT token holders will enjoy extra benefits in the form of private access, discounts, rewards and special offers within each product of the ecosystem:

Multidisciplinary Studio

  • Collective of technology, entertainment, blockchain and art industry experts. The studio provides bespoke creative services for artists and businesses looking to explore the non-fungible world.

  • As with “Who is Emily?” collection, further drops and collaborations will inherit a similar revenue model where a portion of the proceeds will go back to the Syndicates Treasury.

Incubation and Digitalisation

  • Project Incubation and Management for founders in the space.

  • Leveraging our existing infrastructure to help projects experiment and create new solutions.

  • Providing the Syndicate with access to off-market deals.

  • Hosting industry-wide contests and building NFT launchpad to amplify the reach and marketing capability of NFT artists

  • Separate digitalization team aimed at expanding the scope of our offers

Virtual + IRL Art Galleries & Showrooms

  • Our online platforms coupled with virtual estates will be an ideal way to match buyers with sellers.

  • Leveraging various metaverse projects to offer a unique and unforgettable browsing experience that compliments the overall service ecosystem

  • Expansion into the real world with a NFT gallery in Vienna, Austria.

Storefront & NFT calendar

  • Providing artists with a beautiful storefront to list and sell their artworks.

  • Ability to whitelist, mint, host giveaways/raffles.

  • User-friendly UI, Instant royalty payments, cross-chain capabilities.

Although Ethereum transaction speed is sufficient for hosting our collection, in order to match our centralized counterparts in terms of both speed and security the storefront & the auction platform will offer access to various layer 2 solutions. The decision is not set in stone and will be discussed with the EMILYDAO but we are looking at implementing both IMX and Palm networks in our marketplace first.

Auction House Platform

  • Curated experience coupled with unrestricted access to host a diverse array of auctions.

    • English Auction; Lottery; Bonding Curve; Dutch Auction..

  • Much like with the other products in the ecosystem, $EMILY token will handle governance procedures while offering fee reductions on the platform for users and creators.

  • All the revenue from the platform is split between NFT stakers, the team and the DAO

Concluding remarks

We place ourselves at the Intersection of Art and Technology, aiming to crush any existing barriers a creator might face when joining this space. Peppermint Labs will pave the path to the future of digital assets distribution and reshape the traditional art market. It's essential for us to stay agile through out this mission. Trials and tribulations will come, pivots will happen, but if we keep true to our vision, like a compass it will always lead us to the right destination.

“Who is Emily?” collection will serve as a cornerstone of this venture, allowing token holders to stand at the forefront of this movement. Our ecosystem will become a safe haven for artists, brands and creators looking to start their web3 projects & ventures.

We invite you to join us in this endeavor and invest now in art powered by technology as an asset class that is revolutionizing the market.

Visit for further information and follow our official profiles on Twitter & Discord to keep up with the latest news.


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